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Do You Have a Financially Controlling Husband?

Financial control is one very effective method that a controlling husband* can use to maintain power and control over his wife. It is important to understand the overall pattern of abuse and how financial control plays into that. (Read more here about what the pattern of abuse looks like and be sure to download the […]

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“My Husband Choked Me”

I’ve heard the heart-wrenching accounts of women who recount with terror, “My husband choked me.” How terrifying it must be to have someone’s hands around your throat, hurting you and restricting your breathing. The correct term for this experience is strangulation, and in many states it is a felony offense. Strangulation is the ultimate form […]

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Modesty Doesn’t Belong in a Conversation about Rape

Recently I was made aware of a Christian school curriculum that stated, “A girl’s immodest dress can encourage sexual advances that lead a young couple into immorality, and sometimes date rapes are initiated by a girl’s immodest dress or allowance of sexual advances.” When I shared this on Facebook, encouraging parents to make sure their […]

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Safety Exit