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A Review of Married Sex by Gary Thomas

One thing I get asked to do fairly frequently is to give my opinion about various marriage books and whether the material in them is safe for abuse victims. (The vast majority of Christian marriage advice is harmful to those in abusive marriages.) This post will address the book Married Sex by Gary Thomas and co-authored […]

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“I Would Never Let Anyone Abuse Me”

I have often found in conversations about abuse that some people express the sentiment, “I would never let anyone abuse me.” This sentiment can quickly devolve into a lack of sympathy for the victim. It almost seems to the bystander that it is the victim’s fault because she allowed herself to be treated that way. […]

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Modesty Doesn’t Belong in a Conversation about Rape

Recently I was made aware of a Christian school curriculum that stated, “A girl’s immodest dress can encourage sexual advances that lead a young couple into immorality, and sometimes date rapes are initiated by a girl’s immodest dress or allowance of sexual advances.” When I shared this on Facebook, encouraging parents to make sure their […]

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Safety Exit